Voluntary Transfers

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Procedure A. Voluntary Transfer

Members of the Teachers’ Unit desiring to transfer to vacancies in another school or program for the following school year shall file a written request via the TalentEd Application process with the Human Resources Department during the transfer window period of January 1 – January 21 of the year immediately preceding the year for which the transfer is desired. Whenever a teacher requests a voluntary transfer, that teacher may not cause the transfer of another teacher. Each member of the Teachers’ Unit may list up to three possible transfer moves. In the comment section of the application, teachers may identify preferences of grade level, subject and/or school.


1.     Principals will screen all applicants who have applied to their building. All applicants will be notified as to whether they have been selected or not for an interview. Human Resources will send a list of the applicants to each principal, but it is the intent of this policy that principals stay abreast of requested transfers and consider them in all hiring decisions. Interviews may be done over the phone.

2.     If a vacancy becomes available after January 21, but before May 1, and members of the Teachers’ Unit who had requested voluntary transfers by the January 21 deadline but did not get their transfer request, may reapply for the available vacant position(s). 

i)      Members of the Teachers’ Unit who originally applied will have until May 1 to submit their requests; however, vacancies may be filled before this date. Applicants will be notified via an email from HR whether or not their transfer was granted no later than May 15.

3.     A principal is not required to select a teacher that requests a transfer to his or her building, and in selecting transfer teacher candidates, seniority does not have to be considered by the principal/HR in making a decision.

4.     Voluntary transfers will not be granted after May 1 unless both principals agree to the transfer.