Class Size & Reorganization

Do not panic if you receive a class roster with 50 kids this week. Panic if they all show up on the 15th. But seriously, please wait until the first week of school for students before contacting the office about class size.

Below are the state's class size guidelines, and the school board voted to follow them several years ago. If you have more than the maximum number on your roster, the district has until the end of first quarter to reorganize.


New Teacher Tips

Establish a few key rules. Four or five classroom rules based on mutual respect can help you create a respectful and secure learning environment from day one.

Texting Students & Parents? CAUTION!

Texting is a great way to communicate with our parents (and sometimes with students), but please be careful. Stick to education-related messages - nothing personal. And giving out your personal phone number can create problems. Last year, we had a parent who literally stalked a teacher. There are now apps that let teachers text-message students (and their parents) without exchanging actual telephone numbers. The one I'm most familiar with is a free one called Remind. Remind allows teachers to send messages by logging onto the Remind website, or by using the iPhone or Android app.


ASI report shows decline in number of black teachers

The Albert Shanker Institute has released a major report on the state of teacher diversity which shows that, nationally, progress toward greater diversity is being made, but it is quite modest compared with the need for more minority teachers.