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We have a fight on two fronts: legislation and negotiations.


Paycheck and Recertification bills are moving in both the House and Senate. These anti-union bills are an attempt to destroy our union and other public unions. House Bill 251 is particularly onerous because it combines both the Paycheck and Recertification bills and it has passed out of the Senate and is headed to the House. The bill is moving fast and our lobbyists believe it will pass and the governor will sign it.

Click here for an outline of what the bill entails.



  • The overall attitude of the district is that they believe that administrators should have absolute control of what, when and how you do things.
  • Dr. Bedell has been telling principals, legislators and the Missouri Commissioner of Education that he could turn this district around if he didn't have to follow the cba and treated like a charters school. He has asked for  legislation that would release him from having to do so.
  • In other words, he wants to turn our district into a charter school district.
  • His attitude certainly explains why negotiations are turning ugly.
  • For example, the original workday proposal that the district presented to us gutted your workday - taking away things such as your prep time, blackout weeks, total control of Wed. PD, holidays, etc, etc., etc.
  • When the union team responded with a "h*ll no!" and the district came back with a second proposal giving back much of the workday.  Unfortunately, the district still wants to eliminate the individual use of your plan time, and a huge argument ensued.
  • The district also seems intent on eliminating senority from the transfer process and making employees request permission for PTO days.
  • And we haven't even begun talking about raises or benefits.