Texting Students & Parents? CAUTION!

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Texting is a great way to communicate with our parents (and sometimes with students), but please be careful. Stick to education-related messages - nothing personal. And giving out your personal phone number can create problems. Last year, we had a parent who literally stalked a teacher. There are now apps that let teachers text-message students (and their parents) without exchanging actual telephone numbers. The one I'm most familiar with is a free one called Remind. Remind allows teachers to send messages by logging onto the Remind website, or by using the iPhone or Android app. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for later delivery. Some teachers have used it to send students a quick query or challenge problem during the day. Others use it to remind students of upcoming assignments and tests. Remind also maintains a log of all message message history, which can never be edited or deleted. Click here for more information.