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Student Supervision

Think twice before you send a student alone or with another student to the office, the nurse or anywhere else in the building.

It is for your own protection that the Union strongly urges members not to send students to the office, counselor, etc. alone. Too many of our members have ended up displaced because of an incident a student had while being unsupervised.


New Beneficiary Form

The Kansas City Public School Retirement System (not the district) is asking ALL district employees to complete a new beneficiary form. The form will be available at the Insurance Open Enrollment coming up in October, but if you would like to do it now, you can click here to access the form and mail it in.


Overtime for Classified Staff

araprofessionals, secretaries and other classified staff who are paid hourly should never work beyond their workday without permission. And all hourly employees, except Security Officers, must follow the correct procedure.


Sign In/Out

Sign in with the accurate time when you arrive at work and sign out with the accurate time when you leave. Do NOT sign in/out at the same time.

Classified Staff (paras, secretaries, etc.) - Do NOT work outside of your designated work day. The district has a very strict policy that prohibits classified staff from working before or after your workday. If you are asked to work overtime, please read the Overtime article below.


Another Strategic Plan

KCPS will once again go through the process of developing a 5 year strategic plan. A firm is being selected this month.

A preliminary timeline states that stakeholder engagement will begin in December and continue through March. They are hoping to have the final plan presented to the School Board in April or May.


Worker's Compensation

If you are injured at work, it is important that you complete the district's Employee Report of Incident form and submit it before the end of your work day. If your injury is such that you are unable to complete the report, your administrator or supervisor must do so by the end of the day.
The district will designate medical providers to be used in the administration of workers' compensation claims and treatment.


Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program gives you many different services for you. Services are free and confidential.

A helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 913-982-8398 or 800-624-5544.

Call them when you need help with:


Teacher Evaluation

Be proactive about your evaluation this year. Keep documentation to support high ratings in each area and on the teaching standards. Possible Sources of Evidence for every standard can be found by clicking here. You don't have to keep a portfolio, but any documentation you collect can be helpful if an administrator marks you low in an area.


Texting Students & Parents? CAUTION!

Texting is a great way to communicate with our parents (and sometimes with students), but please be careful. Stick to education-related messages - nothing personal. And giving out your personal phone number can create problems. Last year, we had a parent who literally stalked a teacher. There are now apps that let teachers text-message students (and their parents) without exchanging actual telephone numbers. The one I'm most familiar with is a free one called Remind. Remind allows teachers to send messages by logging onto the Remind website, or by using the iPhone or Android app.


Sign Language Interpreters

Last week I discovered that district sign language interpreters were not being paid correctly last year for work done beyond their workday.

As hourly employees, when their job requires them to work before or after their workday, they are entitled to time and a half.

I contacted the district and they immediately resolved the issue. Any interpreter who worked past their workday last year will receive retro pay that reflects the difference between the $25/hour they were paid and their hourly wage, and they will be paid correctly moving forward.