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Voluntary Meetings

One of the primary ways that principals try to get around our contract is by holding "voluntary" meetings. Don't be bullied into attending. You cannot be held accountable or reprimanded for not attending a voluntary meeting. Once members stop showing up, the voluntary meetings will stop. It's up to you.

Student Supervision

Think twice before you send a student alone or with another student to the office, the nurse or anywhere else in the building.

It is for your own protection that the Union strongly urges members not to send students to the office, counselor, etc. alone. Too many of our members have ended up displaced because of an incident a student had while being unsupervised.

Overtime for Classified Staff

Paraprofessionals, secretaries and other classified staff who are paid hourly should never work beyond their workday without permission. And all hourly employees, except Security Officers, must follow the correct procedure.

Sign In/Out

Sign in with the accurate time when you arrive at work and sign out with the accurate time when you leave. Do NOT sign in/out at the same time.

Classified Staff (paras, secretaries, etc.) - Do NOT work outside of your designated work day. The district has a very strict policy that prohibits classified staff from working before or after your workday. If you are asked to work overtime, please read the Overtime article below.

Bereavement Policy

In the event of a death of either an immediate family member or a person who was a close non-family member to a regular, full-time employee:

Called Downtown? Asked for a Statement?

Already we have had members who have been hotlined and told to report downtown because of accusations made against them. I want to remind everyone that if you are ever asked to write a statement regarding a situation or told to report downtown to HR, call the Union office immediately. Put our number in your phone: 816-756-1818.

TIF - What is It?

Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, is a tax break that a city can give to developers to help communities restore their most run-down areas or jumpstart economically sluggish parts of town. KCPS and the KC Library both receive local money from property taxes, and when the KC City Council agrees to a TIF, they're taking money away from our schools and libraries - millions and millions of dollars. KCFT & SRP is not against all TIFs and tax abatements. When they are used in areas of the city that are truly blighted or as a jobs creation tool, they can be beneficial.

Severance Pay – Payout Formula

Employees hired after January 1, 2009

(1)  Employees shall use the one hundred seventy-five (175) day limitation for accumulated sick days when computing their pay.

(2)  Employees shall receive three percent (3%) credit for each year of service, from their most recent appointment date in the District, up to a maximum of twenty-five (25) years.

Employee Dress Code



An individual’s social activities, conduct and dress should be a personal matter, however, maintaining a positive learning environment requires a certain level of professionalism and decorum at all times throughout the school day. Each employee should have freedom to express their individuality so long as they do not intrude upon and/or endanger the freedom of others.