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TIF - What is It?

Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, is a tax break that a city can give to developers to help communities restore their most run-down areas or jumpstart economically sluggish parts of town.


Student Growth Objecives (SGOs)

The Curriculum Department sent out a document  on SGOs that gives information and examples for almost every content area. If you did not get a copy, click here.


Attention Early Childhood & MPP Teachers

Certified teachers in the Early Learning and MPP programs have not been receiving their 25 minute prep time. A second problem is that they are often asked to travel to Manual to get supplies. After meeting with Mr. Kitzi, Ms. Wright and HR, we resolved these issues. While we could not put the 25 minute prep time at the beginning of the morning due to compliance issues, we were able to put a 30 minute prep time in the afternoon. Prep time for Early Learning and MPP teachers will be 2::30 - 3:00 (yes, 30 minutes) every day.


Time Card Fraud

If your job requires you to sign in and out with a time card, never ask a co-worker to sign in or out for you.

Not only could you find yourself in serious trouble, but your co-worker will face severe disciplinary action also. The district considers such actions to be fraud.


Progressive Discipline Policy

The Progressive Discipline Policy as outlined in the Classified Contract, is primarily used with Classified Employees (security, clerical, para, etc.), but occasionally is used with Certified Staff (teachers, librarians, etc.).


Called Downtown? Asked for a Statement?

Already we have had members who have been hotlined and told to report downtown because of accusations made against them.

I want to remind everyone that if you are ever asked to write a statement regarding a situation or told to report downtown to HR, call the Union office immediately.

Put our number in your phone: 816-756-1818.


Plan Time

I just heard yesterday that some SPED teachers (same school we're having problems with) are not getting their planning time.

All teachers are entitled to 250 minutes of individual plan time - the key word here being "individual".

If you do not get your plan time, your are entitled to be compensated for that time. Turn in your time to the bookkeeper at your school. If you have issues, let us know.


Morning Duty

Certified staff, including elementary support teachers who are in 2 buildings, should not have to do morning duty more than one time a week. 

Certified staff who are required to do morning duty on Wednesday or more than one time a week should be paid.

Unfortunately, we have some principals who try to sidestep the contract. Let us know if your principal is one of them.


T1, T2, T3????

Tenured teachers are evaluated on a 3 year cycle. If this is your year to be evaluated, you are a T1, next year you will be a T2 and the year after a T3.

You can check your status on MyEvaluation

where it will have both this year's and last year's status.

Remember that even if it is not your year to be evaluated, you are responsible for completing 2 ISPs and 2 SGOs.


Voluntary Meetings

One of the primary ways that principals try to get around our contract is by holding "voluntary" meetings. Don't be bullied into attending. You cannot be held accountable or reprimanded for not attending a voluntary meeting.

Once members stop showing up, the voluntary meetings will stop. It's up to you.
Grading Policy